Homeopathy and vaccination

Advice from the Faculty of Homeopathy.

by John Jackson on April 21, 2013, 10:48

In the wake of the measles outbreak in Swansea, concern has been growing about whether people have not only been avoiding vaccinating their children because of unfounded scaremongering in the press but also because they're choosing so-called 'alternative vaccinations' such as homeopathic vaccinations (or 'nosodes').

Pressure has been put on their representative bodies, not least by Sarah Wollaston MP, to issue statements clarifying their position on vaccination. Here is a statement from the Faculty of Homeopathy:

Vaccinations for infectious childhood diseases is currently a major news story.

There is no evidence to suggest that the current measles outbreak in Swansea or the fall-off in MMR vaccinations in the Totnes area are as a result of people choosing to use complementary medicines instead of conventional immunisation. However, as a responsible registering body for statutorily regulated healthcare professionals we again want to make clear our unequivocal and long-standing position on this issue.

In line with the Department of Health’s advice, the Faculty of Homeopathy recommends that in the case of infectious childhood diseases immunisation should be carried out in the normal way using the conventional tested and approved vaccines.

The Faculty of Homeopathy doesn't state why it recommends conventional vaccination (the actual reason is that homeopathy doesn't work and so offers no protection against infectious diseases) but it is encouraging to see them take a responsible position on the issue.

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